GBF Strategy Ltd is run by Dr Gordon McKenzie, PhD Engineer and veteran of a decade of entrepreneurship. With a flexible team of experienced professionals available to assist as necessary, we offer strategic support and guidance to early stage and growing businesses in the MedTech field and beyond.

Gordon McKenzie

GBF Strategy operates in two areas: Business Support and Clinical Support.

Business Support

  • Seed and growth stage strategy
  • Business planning
  • Investment readiness
  • Technology evaluation and integration
  • Marketing support.

As a co-founder of Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, Dr McKenzie has award winning real life experience of building a successful business from scratch, raising a total of £13.9 million in equity finance and a further £6 million in non-equity money from a variety of sources. He and his team have lived the challenges of a rapidly changing business, and have extensive experience in a broad range of early-stage business activities.

Clinical Support

  • Early stage clinical management and research
  • Key Opinion Leader recruitment and management
  • Planning and implementation of clinical trials
  • Literature surveys and feasibility assessments
  • Academic paper authoring
  • Reimbursement modelling and research.

For the last decade Dr McKenzie's primary role was as Director of Clinical Development of the leading medical imaging device start-up in its class, specialising in the implementation of cost effective, high quality, international clinical trials. Working in the UK, Germany, and USA, he delivered device performance evidence and worked with clinicians and regulatory bodies at the very earliest stages of a device lifecycle through to the production of level 1 evidence in the peer reviewed literature.


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